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Ollie’s Garage is a small family run business established in 2012. Ollie started in the motor trade at the young age of sixteen and held a number of roles during his twenty five years, from breakdown operator/mechanic and tyre fitter to supervisor and manager before embarking on his own dream of opening his own garage in his hometown of Castlebar. Ollie spotted an opening in the market for a one stop shop for your mechanical and tyre needs with competitive and fair prices. Here, Ollie’s Garage was born. Ollie is a very driven, friendly, hardworking and honest person and always gives 100%. At Ollie’s we put you and your families safety first

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Products & Services

Ollies Garage Brakes
  • Does your car squeal or screech every time you press your car brakes? If so, it’s a good time to get new brake pads.
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Ollies Garage Tyres
  • We stock a wide a variety of tyres to suit all budgets. We carry the industries leading brands of car, van 4x4, light commercial and agricultural tyres.
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Ollies Garage Vehicle Servicing
Vehicle Servicing
  • The best way to keep your car safe and running efficiently is through regular servicing. Here at OLLIE'S,
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Ollies Garage 4 Wheel Laser Alignment
4 Wheel Laser Alignment
  • High tech wheel alignment technology to ensure wheels are perfectly in line.
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4x4 vehicles
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